Steve Diehl - Pastor

Ordained to the ministry in 1996, Steve has been in ministry with the C&MA for 25 years. He  finished a Doctor of Ministry Degree in the area of discipleship coaching. Steve has worked as a summer camp staff member, logger, salesman, research assistant, ranch hand, firefighter, factory worker, soldier (USMC veteran), security guard, furniture delivery man, teacher, special education aid, administrator, missionary associate on the field, pastor, dorm parent, adjunct faculty at Simpson University, and church planter. Kristi has been a teacher by profession and is now working in the medical field as a CNA [Certified Nurses Assistant]. They consider themselves to be a team and love serving God together.

Steve and Kristi enjoy studying the Word of God, teaching, reading, spending time with family, playing guitar and singing songs of worship, outdoor sports and activities, and artistic crafts. Steve’s passions are in the areas of preaching, teaching & equipping people for ministry, discipleship coaching, evangelism, and writing.

                                                                               (More about the Diehls and their testimony here.)